Customizable Solutions

Estate Planning and Estate Settlement

First Nebraska Trust Company is a corporate fiduciary with a special expertise in assisting with your estate planning and estate settlement needs. We customize estate services to meet your unique objectives according to your specific requests and circumstances. Planning for and managing the process of finalizing your financial affairs and working with your family, friends and other interested parties is a delicate matter which requires experience, professional expertise, patience and sensitivity.

We help ensure that your objectives are met while being sensitive to the needs of those who are grieving. We take pride in serving you and are honored to be a part of the planning stage as well as carrying out your wishes when you are no longer able to do so.

Estate Planning

As a partner in your estate planning process, we are here to assist you through the development phase by working with you and your other professional advisors and reviewing your estate plan to ensure we can fulfill any duties and responsibilities set forth. Estate planning includes preparing the legal documents that direct how assets are to be transferred and distributed at death as well as the plan for management and any distribution of assets during your lifetime.

Estate planning is the key to an efficient and effective transfer of wealth. We do not draft any legal documents; however, we are pleased to work closely with your chosen attorney to provide any assistance possible. We typically do not charge for our involvement in the estate planning process as it is a complimentary service to our clients. We believe this serves you and your family best.

Estate Settlement

As a Personal Representative or serving as Agent for the Personal Representative, First Nebraska Trust manages the estate administration process including:

  • Overseeing the filing of the Will with the Probate Court
  • Obtaining Letters of Personal Representative
  • Securing all of the decedent’s assets
  • Managing all assets prudently during the administration
  • Coordinating the preparation of all required tax returns
  • Paying all final debts and expenses of the decedent
  • Providing accountings to all required parties including the court, beneficiaries, or other interested parties who are entitled to the information
  • Distributing assets as directed by the will
  • Finalizing all estate matters and closing out the estate

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