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How is First Nebraska Trust Company Compensated?

First Nebraska Trust Company’s only source of revenue is through the fees charged directly to our clients accounts or billed directly to our clients.  First Nebraska Trust does not receive or pay any referral fees, commissions, or revenues.  First Nebraska Trust Company does not sell any products or receive any hidden or other compensation through the purchasing, sale, or use of any investment vehicles.

First Nebraska Trust Company’s fees are simple and set out in our fee schedule which is disclosed at the time of discussing and establishing each client relationship.  We work with clients to customize our fees to accommodate for assets such as closely-held business stock, limited liability company interests, real estate holdings, and other specialty assets which are not considered readily marketable securities.  First Nebraska Trust Company views its fiduciary duty very seriously to ensure fees are fair, reasonable and appropriate for the services provided.

First Nebraska Trust Company, in most instances, does not charge the following fees:

  •  Revocation / termination fees
  • Additional fees for limited partnerships and other closely-held business interests
  • Acceptance (account open) fees
  • Distribution fees
  • Cash management sweep fees

Fees paid to First Nebraska Trust Company cover the following services and expenses:

  • Trust accounting services
  • Trust asset management and investment services
  • Trust operations (security transactions, bill paying, money transfer)
  • Trust administration
  • Professional and personal services from highly qualified local trust officers
  • Confidentiality and independence
  • Oversight and continuity
  • Business overhead

The officers and staff of First Nebraska Trust Company do not receive compensation based upon any commission scale or the sale of products or services so there is no motivation to do anything other than to provide the best client service possible.  The only interest of officers and staff is to serve clients and “do the right thing”.

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